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Hi, my name's Jacinta Calabro and I’m a registered music therapist. 

I'm passionate about sharing the benefits of music with your child and supporting you in your parenting journey.

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I’ve always been drawn to working with young children and helping parents build strong bonds of attachment with their children. Using our voices, positive touch, movement and singing are wonderful ways to connect parents with their babies & children.  

Music is also a great way to support children to reach their early developmental milestones, stimulating gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, vestibular, language, emotional and social skills development. My groups at TLC Music are strongly informed by infant/child mental health and attachment theory,  and how these (along with music) can support the development stages of childhood.

I’ve been a music therapist for over 20 years and have worked with infants, children and their families my whole career. I have a background in paediatric and neonatal music therapy, as well as community music therapy and music therapy higher education. I have both undergraduate and post graduate qualifications in music therapy and am an active member of the Australian music therapy community.

Happy healthy parents = happy healthy kids. 


TLC Music Philosophy

At TLC Music my focus is to promote strong positive relationships between parent and child, as this is the strongest indicator for your childs lifelong heath and happiness. Children who feel safe, loved and understood by their parents are easy to parent, happy, curious, confident and creative.

The TLC Music groups are welcoming for all families and we work hard to provide a supportive and non-judgmental space where parents and children are encouraged to express themselves creatively. 

It is important for children to feel calm, safe and secure within the group so the groups are limited to 10-12 families.  This allows the children to build trust in others and develop friendships. Children are free to participate as much or as little as they like, and we support their emotional development by not forcing their participation. Babies and children still benefit enormously from passively engaging in music. While we encourage lots of creativity and exploration in the groups, babies and children are sensitive to new experiences. Allow your child at least 3-6 weeks to settle in and become familiar with the rhythm of the group. 

While we include a large repertoire of songs and activities at TLC Music, each session has an underlying structure & purpose designed to maximise safe participation & engagement for your child. This structure supports a whole range of musical and non-musical strategies such as scaffolded activities to build confidence and competence, musical transitions between high and low activity states, turn-taking, sharing and eye-contact to develop social skills, and time to interact with your child and connect more fully with each other.

Providing resources and supporting parents is an important focus at TLC Music. This includes the morning tea which follows each group.  An allergy friendly morning tea of tea/coffee, fruit and snacks is provided and this allows time for the children to play and develop their social relationships, while also giving parents a chance to relax and chat with each other.  This is a safe & non-judgemental space where parents can share stories, get support and advice, and socialise with other parents. I also host a Facebook page filled with relevant blog articles, video’s, songs, parenting tips, child development information and local community events.


What is music therapy?


What is music therapy and how is it different to other early childhood music groups?

In music therapy sessions the focus is usually on non-musical goals which enhance a persons functioning or wellbeing.  In music education sessions the focus is on acquiring music skills.

In my TLC Music sessions I have very clear goals to enhance your childs cognitive, physical, social and emotional development and to strengthen the parent/child bond.  As well as develop their music skills.


Because research shows that engaging in early childhood music helps children brains, bodies and relationships, setting them up for a happy healthy life.  TLC Music kids are connected, curious, confident, competent and creative.

Early childhood music research has shown that the best way to nurture music skills is to get children having fun with music and actively participating. By singing, listening, moving and playing instruments your child is learning through doing.

Both an early childhood music education session and a TLC Music session may look very similar as we both use the same types of activities and songs to achieve our aims.  So your child will still develop music skills whichever type of session you choose.

If you're not sure what type of group would suit you then I encourage you to go and check out a few different sessions in the local area and see which one best fits you, your child, and your budget.  We're all different so it's worth taking the time to look around and choose which one feels right for your family.  

You're very welcome to come for a free trial at TLC Music to see what you think.  Just enter your details in the 'Free Trial' section on this website.  

If you've never heard of Music Therapy then here’s the official definition….

‘Music therapy is a research-based allied health profession in which music is used to actively support people as they strive to improve their health, functioning and wellbeing. Music therapists are trained musicians and therapists who are interested in achieving non-musical goals through both active and passive participation in musical activities’.

Australian Music Therapy Association

If you’d like to know more just contact www.austmta.org.au


What is TLC Birth & Beyond all about?

TLC Birth and Beyond aims to educate, support, nurture and empower women and families through conception, pregnancy, birth and early parenting.  TLC Birth & Beyond was established in 2008 by Melanie Cane and is now run by Dr’s James & Jenna Evans.  The center provides a variety of services provided by practitioners who are all passionate about the journey of parenthood.  

TLC Birth & Beyond Services

TLC offers a full range of services to support parents and families. Currently TLC offers Calmbirth classes, parenting support programs, pre and post-natal yoga classes, baby & child inclusive exercise classes, infant massage classes, naturopathy, reiki, kinesiology, physiotherapy, pre and post-natal massage, certified lactation consultants, baby/child chiropractors, TLC Music, psychology services, home birth midwives and newborn photography services.


TLC reception is a warm and welcoming space where you can sit quietly and breastfeed or catch up on your pregnancy, birth or parenting reading.  TLC offers a free lending library to our families.  Books and journals are available on a wide variety of pre and postnatal topics including nutrition, natural birth, baby led weaning, co-sleeping, and baby care.  TLC has rooms dedicated to massage, psychology and other natural health services.  There is also a large room used for yoga, TLC Music, exercise groups and workshops.  TLC also provides a kitchen, change table and toilets for families use.

Contact TLC Birth & Beyond

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You can contact TLC Birth & Beyond via our Facebook page (please like us!) or via the TLC website for more information on services, classes and practitioners at www.tlcbirthandbeyond.com.au

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