Baby Music

The TLC Baby groups are for babies aged 0-18 months old.  The sessions are gentle & fun and include singing, action songs, movement and dancing, instrument playing, cuddle time, story, and a variety of sensory activities such as puppets, ribbons, parachute and bubbles.

Music offers so many benefits to babies, from building secure attachment through you singing to them and sharing positive experiences, to providing age-appropriate sensory stimulation (touch, taste, visual, sound), vestibular (movement) experiences, rhythm, melody, harmony and rich language exposure through singing, phrasing, melodic contour and using our voices to connect with each other.  

The sessions are carefully planned to match your child's developmental age and stage and offer opportunities to rehearse developmental tasks within a safe and structured program.  At TLC Music we value connection and we support children of all ages to rehearse their social skills, emotional regulation and concentration skills, without overwhelming them.  During the session there are times to connect, time to get busy and time to rest, all working within your child's current capacity.    

Another important part of the group philosophy is supporting parents - parents need support too! Parenting is a tough gig and can be isolating and disempowering at times. There's always so much to learn about your baby!  As part of the baby music groups I provide regular parent support through the Facebook page, connecting you to relevant community events, blog posts on parenting related topics and video's of songs and activities you can do at home.  Plus there's the morning tea time where you can connect with other parents and discuss the highs and lows of parenting and get advice and reassurance when necessary.

Parents are active participants in the group and are a positive role model for the children.  Babies are welcome to participate as much or as little as they like :)  

What you need to know...

Ages: 0-18 months

Session times:  

Monday 11.30am (little babies 4m+)

Tuesday 11.30pm (older babies)