Baby Music

The TLC Baby group is for babies aged 0-18 months old.  The sessions include singing, action songs, bouncing songs, movement and dancing, instrument playing, cuddle time, story and lots of fun sensory activities including puppets, games, parachute and bubbles.

These activities provide a solid base of music skills through exposure to rhythm, beat, melody, harmony, pitch and timbre.  The activities in the baby group program also provide many opportunities to develop your baby's physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

The early years are incredibly important in the lifelong development of your baby.  It is when an infant develops a sense of safety and trust in the world, through your consistent and loving care.  Building a strong bond positively impacts your childs future relationships, happiness and resilience.  Sharing a positive and predictable experience together helps to strengthen your relationship with your baby and not only provides benefits for their future, but helps you with your parenting experience in the present. 

The baby music group provides many opportunities to enhance the development of your child.  Music is wonderful for language development, listening skills, concentration and developing creativity. 

The group also supports parents by teaching songs which can be used at home to promote a strong bond between parent and child, teach useful concepts or behaviours, or assist with daily routines. 

Parents are active participants in the group and are a positive role model for the children.  Babies are welcome to participate as much or as little in each of the activities, though engagement in the groups is usually high as the babies respond well to the structure of the sessions.  

The role of parents is so important and it can be a tough gig.  At TLC Music we want to support parents too!  Morning tea and playtime is provided after the group to allow parents to enjoy some time to chat and have a cuppa while the babies play together.  It's a safe space where we can be real about the joys and trials of parenting!

What you need to know...

Ages: 0-18 months

Session times:  Monday 11.30am or  Tuesday 1pm