Communicating with your baby

baby communication.jpg

While they can’t tell you exactly what they want, babies are still great communicators.  From birth your child has sought connection and communication with you.  By learning your baby’s cues and responding in a gentle and timely way you are teaching your child so many things:

- That they are important

- That you are there to help them

- That you love them

- That their actions have consequences

- That they can make things happen

- That they can trust to have their needs met

- That the world is a safe and good place for them


These are important early life lessons, and ones we hope remain core beliefs as our children grow into adults. 


The next step is to encourage your baby’s efforts at communication. 


Being able to express ourselves and be heard, accepted and understood is a fundamental human need.  Mindful communication with your baby develops your child’s confidence to express themselves.  Which is very important in becoming a happy healthy adult.


So here’s an exercise to try when you baby is awake and available to interact with you.


1.     Talk to your baby (1-2 words or sentences)

2.     Leave a space for your baby to communicate back to you in sound or gesture.  Don’t speak again till they do.

3.     Respond to your baby’s communication

4.     Leave a space for your baby to respond

5.     Repeat - until your baby looks away or shows a disorganized behavior to tell you they’ve had enough



What do you notice?



Communication builds strong attachment, strong brains and

strong emotional regulation for life.