Toddler Music

The TLC Toddler group is for children aged 18 months to 3 years old.  The sessions include singing, action songs, bouncing songs, movement and dancing, instrument playing, cuddle time, story and lots of fun sensory activities such as the lycra, scarves, bubbles, rainbow ring, and puppets. 

The toddler years are a wonderful, exciting and challenging time for children and parents both.  These sessions are designed to match the energy and developmental abilities of toddlers as they enjoy the emergence of their will and exercise their abundant curiosity. 

Each session is designed individually by me and takes into consideration the needs and preferences of the families and children who attend. Within the segments of the group I embed transitions, adaptations and extensions which provide opportunities for the toddlers to develop their social, emotional and physical skills. 

This includes lots of creative expression, practicing sharing with others, engaging in eye contact, turn-taking, transitioning between activities, rehearsing fine motor skills and learning early numeracy and literacy concepts.

The group also supports parents by teaching songs which can be used at home to teach useful concepts or behaviours, assist with daily routines and promote a strong bond between parent and child.

Parents are active participants in the group and are a positive role model for the children.  Children are welcome to participate as much or as little in each of the activities, though engagement in the groups is usually high as the children respond well to the predictable structure of the sessions.  

The role of parents is so important and it can be a tough gig.  At TLC Music we want to support parents too.  Morning tea and playtime is provided after the group to allow parents to enjoy some time to chat and have a cuppa while the children play together.   This is a friendly, safe and supportive space where you can meet other parents, be real about how parenthood is going for you, and get advice and support.  

What you need to know...

Ages: 18 months - 3 years

Session time:  Wednesday 9.30am