Family Music

The TLC Family Music groups are a mixed-age group for children aged 0-5.  This group is fabulous if you have two children of different ages. The sessions include singing, action songs, bouncing songs, movement and dancing, games, role play, instrument playing, cuddle time, story, and fun activities with a range of sensory rich resources such as rainbow ribbons, lycra and parachute activities. 

The sessions incorporate a range of activities which match the ages and stages of the children and which enhance a wide range of social, emotional, cognitive, physical and creative skills. 

Each session takes into consideration the needs and preferences of the families and children who attend. Within all of the sections of the group I embed transitions, adaptations and extensions which provide opportunities for children to develop their social, emotional and physical skills. 

This may include developing confidence, learning to sit quietly and listen, sharing with others, being active without being aggressive, eye contact, expressive language, validation of feelings, fine motor skills and early literacy skills.

The group also supports parents by teaching songs which can be used at home to teach useful concepts or behaviours, assist with transitions to and from activities and promote a strong bond between parent and child - making parenting easier.

Parents are active participants in the group and are a positive role model for the children.  Children are welcome to participate as much or as little in each of the activities, though engagement in the groups is usually high as the children respond well to the content and structure of the sessions.  

The role of parents is so important and it can be a tough gig.  At TLC Music we want to support parents too.  Morning tea and playtime is provided after the group to allow parents to enjoy some time to chat and have a cuppa, while the children play together.   This is a great time to make new friends, debrief, share your parenting pains and joys, and gain support from fellow parents.  

What you need to know...

Ages: 0-5

Session times:  

Monday 10am

Tuesday 10am